Classic Irish Fiddle Tunes No.1

Classic Irish Fiddle Tune No.1

Lord Gordon’s Reel


Lord Gordon or Lord Gordon’s is a classic Irish fiddle tune with 5 parts. It isn’t in the easy category of reels and if you don’t already play it, it should be quite a challenge. Putting it one way, if you can master Lord Gordon(s) you will have certainly climbed quite a few rungs. The popularity of the tune would be in no small part due to Michael Coleman’s seminal version in the 1920’s. It is ever popular with fiddlers and has been recorded commercially by many (See selected discography below) and has been popular in competitions.

Because of its popularity many versions/settings of the tune exist. There is a also a 4 part version made popular by Seamus Ennis (Uilleann Piper) with a significantly different 1st part. The tune has a great note range allowing the payer to accentuate certain strings, a duet of strings or the differences between them. This presents the opportunity for double stopping and/or droning. There is also plenty of opportunity for ornamentation such as bowed triplets and cuts in the 3rd and 5th parts respectively and rolls in many of the recorded versions. An essential fiddle tune to add to your repetoire.


Download PDF Lord Gordons

Commercial Recordings of Lord Gordon’s

(In these you will hear plenty variations of the tune.) If you have yet to learn the tune it can sound daunting! Don’t be put off. It’s a long tune but much of the structure of the parts suit the fiddle. Parts 2,3,4, and 5 build from 1st to 3rd finger making it ‘handy’ for fiddlers. Also most of the parts are in 1 octave and contain popular 3-2-1-/2/1/0 finger runs. Common in many fiddle tunes.

Commercial Recordings:


Michael Coleman – ‘The Enduring Magic’

Michael Coleman ‘The Enduring Magic‘ purchase link(1920’s).


Brendan McGlinchey


Brendan McGlinchey(1973) ‘Live at the West London Folk Club‘. No Longer commercially available.


Eileen Ivers – ‘So Far’

Eileen Ivers ‘So Far’ purchase link.


Dezi Donnelly – ‘Familiar Footsteps’

Dezi Donnelly ‘Familiar Footsteps’link.


Sean McGuireMan of Achievement link.


Ciaran Tourish. Fiddle player with Irish group ‘Altan’.


Brian RooneyFrom Leitrim to London.’ link.


Patrick Mangan – ‘Farewell to Ireland’

Patrick Mangan ‘Farewell to Ireland Link.


Jim McKillop – ‘Irish Traditinal Fiddle Music’

Jim McKillop ‘Irish Traditional Fiddle Music’. Link.


Vincent Griffin

Vincent Griffin recorded on ‘Traditional Fiddle Music from County Clare’ (Released 1977)No longer commercially available.


Kevin Burke – ‘Up Close’

Kevin BurkeUp Close’ Link. Released 1984


Ronan Browne & Peter O Loughlin

Ronan Browne & Peadar O Loughlin Touch me If You Dare‘ There is also a considerably different and notable 3 part version on the above album.






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