Classic Irish Fiddle Tunes vol.3

Classic Irish Fiddle Tunes no.3

Doctor Gilbert’s Reel



Doctor Gilbert (Doctor Gilbert’s/Doctor Gilbert’s Fancy/ Dispute at the Crossroads) is a true classic irish fiddle tune that has a long association with Sligo fiddling. It is a complex tune that meanders beautifully around the fiddle fingerboard. You’d probably have to have quite a few tunes under your belt to take it on. It’s hard to imagine a sweeter version than Andy McGann on ‘It’s a Hard Road to Travel‘. McGann of course once had a few lessons from Michael Coleman in his youth. There is plenty of opportunity to add ornaments in this tune, especially triplets.

The playing of or its comprehension is not easy so I’d advise quite a some decent playing experience first. It also play on the low ‘G’ string completing a span from high ‘B’ to low ‘A’ in the piece. Proof of it’s enduring nature is that it has been recorded by many of the greats in Irish Music. Michael Coleman was probably first to have recorded it on fiddle. There are many variations on the original, so much so as to create a different part. (e.g.Paddy Glackin on ‘The Spey in Spate’). Look out for more tunes coming in the Irish fiddle tunes series.

Download Doctor Gilbert’s

Commercial recordings of the Tune listed below.

Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman 1891-1945 Link Available to purchase.

Andy McGann

Andy McGann – ‘It’s a Hard Road to Travel’

Andy McGann & Paul Brady. Recorded on ‘It’s a Hard Road to Travel

Malachy Bourke

Malachy Bourke – ‘Draw the Bow’

Recorded on ‘Draw the Bow‘ By the Galway fiddler


Seamus Connolly

Seamus Connolly – ‘Here and There’

Recorded on ‘ Here and Thereby Seamus Connolly

Fergal scahill

Fergal Scahill – ‘Wayfaring’

Recording on ‘Wayfaring’ by Fergal Scahill. Fergal plays with Banjo group, ‘We Banjo 3

Sean McGuire

Sean McGuire

Sean McGuire & Joe Burke (Outlet)

A lively version on this album.

Johnny Doherty

Johnny Doherty – ‘Bundle and Go’

Recorded on ‘Bundle & Go‘ By Johnny Doherty.

Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke – ‘In Concert’

Kevin Burke ‘In Concert’ link. Martin Hayes also guests on this recording.

Sean Keane

Sean Keane – Gusty’s Frolics’

Sean Keane (Fiddle player with ‘The Chieftains) recorded on Gusty’s Frolics’. A Truly exceptional solo fiddle Album.  

John Vesey

John Vesey – ‘Sligo Fiddler’

John Vesey recorded on ‘Sligo Fiddler‘.

In Full Spate

Paddy Glackin – ‘In Ful Spate’

A version by Paddy Glackin Rabharta Ceoil’ In Full Spate. Purchase here.






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