5 Set Dances

5 Set Dances



Set Dances are almost exclusively danced in hard shoes by Irish Dancers in a formal setting. The term ‘Set Dance’ can refer the type of tune or the dance that accompanies it. They are also having somewhat of a revival in sessions. The tunes themselves have varying irregular bar forms. The 1st part is often 8 bars but the 2nd part can be 8, 12 or 16. Some irish fiddlers have recorded set dances as slow airs(version of the tune) and then into the tune itself such as Andy McGann & Paddy Glackin with the ‘Blackbird‘. The fiddle is often an accompaning instrument for irishstep dancers(as in the Video below)

Rodney’s Glory Download PDF Rodney’s Glory

Played by Paddy Glackin on ‘The Flags of Dublin’.

The Garden of Daisies Download PDF The Garden of Daisies

The Humours of Bandon Download PDF The Humours of Bandon

The Job of Journeywork Download PDF The Job of Journeywork

The Three Sea Captains Download PDF The Three Sea Captains

Music for a Set Dance for a solo dancer played superbly by Brid Harper.


Brid Harper (Link) also has a recent solo album release.(2015)


More about types of tunes including Set Dances and several others in ‘A Complete Guide to learning the Irish Fiddle’ (Link)by Paul McNevin’

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