Irish Fiddle Music – 30 Tunes for Irish Fiddle Volume 6

Irish Fiddle Music

30 Tunes for Irish Fiddle Volume 6


In this ’30 Tunes for Irish Fiddle volume 6′ are a mix of different tune types and music to add to you repetoire of Irish fiddle tunes. Some of these are well known because of their prominence on recordings. Also included is one of my favourite jigs, ‘Queen of the Fair’, made popular by the accordion legend Joe Cooley from Peterswell in Co.Galway. The ‘Frog in the Well ‘was recorded by Michael Coleman. ‘Rosie Finn’s’ was recorded by the Bothy Band. It has a high ‘c’ in the second part. Most fiddlers will move the hand up a little to play it rather shifting position e.g. 1 finger to 3rd on the E string, 3rd position as a classically trained player might. Some adroit players can reach the ‘high c’ just by stretching, a skill in itself! ‘Quinn of Armagh’ is a lovely hornpipe recorded by Paddy Glackin on ‘Reprise’ with  Mícheál Ó Domhnaill. ‘Sweet Biddy Daly’ is also played by Glackin (solo)on ‘The Whirlwind’, an album with Robbie Hannan. 

irish fiddle music

Tune List


A Trip to Athlone download pdf
Andy McGann’s  download pdf
Cooley’s Hornpipe download pdf
A Trip to the Cottage download pdf
Crowley’s no.2 download pdf
Dan The Cobbler (The Cobbler) download pdf
Dennis Doody’s download pdf
DonnyBrook Fair download pdf
Far from Home download pdf
Handsome Sally download pdf
Maho Snaps download pdf
Quinn of Armagh download pdf
Rosie Finn’s Favourite Favourite download pdf
Sweet Biddy Daly download pdf
The Wonder hornpipe download pdf
The Eavesdropper download pdf
The Bank of Turf download pdf
The Fair haired Childdownload pdf
The Boys of Ballinahinch download pdf
The Gatehouse Maid download pdf
The First House in Connaughtdownload pdf
The Humours of Castlefinn download pdf
The Frog in the Well download pdf
The First Slip download pdf
The Old Ruined Cottage in the Glen download pdf
The Miller of Drohan download pdf
The Five Mile Chase download pdf
The Queen of the Fairdownload pdf
When Sick is it Tae You want? download pdf



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Irish Fiddle

A Complete Guide to Learning the Irish Fiddle

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