30 Tunes for Irish Fiddle Volume 5(Irish fiddle music)

30 Tunes for Irish Fiddle Volume 5


This collection ’30 tunes for Irish fiddle volume 5 ‘(Irish fiddle music) contains many popular sessions tunes. 

Most will be familiar to those who listen to a lot of Irish music. There are some older classic tunes also. Many are readily available on recordings. ‘Castle Kelly‘ the 3rd tune in is sometimes played double(each part) rather than single. As Paddy Glackin did as a slow reel on Doublin‘(no pun intended) with Paddy Keenan. Which is highly recommended listening. Of course ‘The Maids of Mitchelstown’ has been recorded as a slow reel by the Bothy Band(sensitively by Kevin Burke) in that instance.

Irish Fiddle Music – The Slip jig.



One of my favourite types of tunes is the slip jig. Irish step dancers dance to this tune in soft shoes as opposed to hard shoes and tapping. These tunes have a light, airy sound and are less rigid rhythmically than slip jigs to my ears. They also have a relatively long time between tapping of the musicians foot (usually at the start of every bar)when playing along in the 9/8 time signature. In this collection ‘Cooleys Reel’ is well known by Irish musicians and played most often in a set before another reel, ‘The Wise Maid’.


Barney Brannigan – download PDF Barney Brannigan

Behind the Haystack – download PDF Behind The Haystack

Castle Kelly – download PDF Castle Kelly

Cooley’s – download PDF Cooley’s Reel

Dever the Dancer – download PDF Dever the Dancer

Dingle Bay(Siabh na mBan) – PDF Dingle Bay(Sliabh na mBan)

Down the Broom – download PDF Down the Broom

Julia Delaney’s – download PDF Julia Delaney’s

Palm Sunday – download PDF Palm Sunday

King of the Fairies – download PDF King of the Fairies

Pipe on the Hob – download PDF Pipe on the Hob

Saint Anne’s – download PDF Saint Anne’s Reel

The Showman’s Fancy download – PDF The Showman’s Fancy

The Abbey reel – download PDF The Abbey Reel

The Banks of the Ilen – download PDF The Banks of the Ilen

The Blackthorn Stick – download PDF The Blackthorn Stick

The Floating Crowbar – download PDF The Floating Crowbar

The Smokey Chimney – download PDF The Smokey Chimney

The Galway Rambler – download PDF The Galway Rambler

The Humours of Tulla – download PDF The Humours of Tulla

The Lark on the Strand – download PDF The Lark on the Strand

The Leitrim Fancy – download PDF The Leitrim Fancy

The Maids of Mitchelstown PDF The Maids of Mitchelstown

The Walls of Liscarroll – download PDF The Walls of Liscaroll

Within a Mile of Dublin – download PDF Within A Mile of Dublin

Up Sligo – download PDF Up Sligo

The Torn Jacket – download PDF The Torn Jacket

The Cottage in the Grove  – download PDF The Cottage in the Grove

Old Man Dillon – download PDF Old Man Dillon

The Eavesdropper – download PDF The Eavesdropper




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