30 Tunes for Irish Fiddle Volume 1

30 Tunes for Irish Fiddle Volume 1


Irish fiddle volume one

This is 30 tunes for Irish Fiddle volume 1. In the collection there are tunes from beginner to advanced levels.


‘Art O Keefe’s’ and ‘McElroy’s‘ great tunes to start with. ‘The Rambling Pitchfork’ and ‘The Sporting Pitchfork’ great for adding ornamentation such as rolls. When beginning Irish fiddle tunes try and be aware of how you are using the bow. How much are you using per note(or per slur) and what difference does it make? Also does the weight of the bow play a part? Will it sound different at different parts of the bow(e.g. near the tip,or the frog) depending on what string you are using? Is it any advantage to play up or down bows, if so, how? Keep asking questions and listen to as many styles of fiddle playing as possible.


Art O Keffes Download PDF Art O Keefes

Cuz Teehan’s Download PDF Cuz Teehan’s

Dan Breens Download PDF Dan Breens

Happy to Meet,Sorry to part Download PDF 

Happy to Meet,Sorry to part

Maggie in the Wood Download PDF Maggie in the Wood

Murphys Download PDFMurphys

My Mind Will Never be Easy Download PDF 


Off She Goes Download PDF Off She Goes

Paddy’s Return Download PDFPaddy’s Return

Paidín O Raffertaigh Download PDF Paidín O Raffertaigh

Richard-Brennans Download PDF Richard-Brennans

Rolling-in-the-Ryegrass Download PDF Rolling-in-the-Ryegrass

Shaskeen Download PDF Shaskeen

The Butchers March (Delaneys Drummers) Download PDF The Butchers March (Delaneys Drummers)

The Chapel Bell Download PDF The Chapel Bell

The East Limerick Polka Download PDF The East Limerick Polka

The Jolly Clamdiggers  Download PDF The Jolly Clamdiggers

The Leitrim Jig Download PDF The Leitrim Jig

The Maid in the Meadow Download PDF The Maid in the Meadow

The Sporting Pitchfork Download PDF The Sporting Pitchfork

The Rambling Pitchfork Download PDF The Rambling Pitchfork

The Tenpenny Bit Download PDF The Tenpenny Bit

The Thrush on the Straw Download PDF The Thrush on the Straw

Boys-of-the-Town Download PDF The-Boys-of-the-Town

The-Glass-of-Beer Download PDF The-Glass-of-Beer

Humours of Drinagh Download PDF The-Maid-at-the-Well

Maid at the Well Download PDF The-Maid-at-the-Well

Road to Lisdoonvarna Download PDF The-Road-to-Lisdoonvarna

The Echo Download PDF The Echo

McElroy’s Polka Download PDF McElroys Polka

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