30 Tunes for Irish Fiddle volume 4

30 Tunes – Irish Fiddle volume 4


Level : All Levels.

This collection of Irish fiddle tunes contain some classic old tunes such ‘Ships in Full Sail‘ and ‘ Haste to the Wedding’. If you are beginning to learn fiddle or at a more advanced stage there will be suitable music in this collection or in volumes 1, 2 or 3. Most of these tunes are popular session favourites. Many tunes are played in groups of ‘sets’, listen for this in recordings. It is often more enjoyable and they are easier to remember! The tunes in this collection are suitable for all instruments.

30 Tunes – Irish Fiddle volume 4 – Tunes List

The Green Fields of America The Green Fields of America

Apples in Winter Apples in Winter

Crowley’s Reel Crowley’s

Down the Back Lane Down the Back Lane

Haste to the Wedding Haste to the Wedding

Lafferty’s Lafferty’s

Maid Behind the Bar Maid Behind the Bar

Man of the House Man of the House

Maud Millar Maud Millar

Miller’s Maggot Miller’s Maggot

Sackows Jig Sackows Jig (Tripping up the stairs)

Ships in Full Sail Ships in Full Sail

Sporting Paddy Sporting Paddy

The Boys of Malin The Boys of Malin

The Bush on the Hill The Bush on the Hill

The Connaught Heifer The Connaught Heifer

The Drunken Landlady The Drunken Landlady

The Fermoy Lassies The Fermoy Lasses

The High Reel The High Reel

The Kildare Fancy The Kildare Fancy

The Mooncoin(reel) The Mooncoin

The Morning star The Morning Star

The Pretty Girls of Mayo The Pretty Girls of Mayo

The Red Haired Lass The Red Haired Lass

The Setting Sun The Setting Sun

The Wonder Hornpipe The Wonder hornpipe

The Sligo Fancy The Sligo Fancy

Tim Maloney Tim Maloney

Wallop the Spot Wallop the Spot

Collier’s jig(Do you want Anymore?) Collier’s Jig


Collier’s Jig, the last in this collection seems to be a jig version of Collier’s reel. I am not sure which came 1st! This is also the same with The ‘Maid in the Meadow’ jig (in 30 tunes for Irish Fiddle Volume 1)which seems to be a version of the reel, ‘The Green Fields of America’.

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