100 Irish Fiddle Recordings

100 Irish fiddle recordings.

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In this 100 Irish fiddle recordings article I have included albums I listened to most. Albums as there were once known! There has been so many formats of music releases, recordings may be more appropriate term. A majority of this list would have been originally released on vinyl disc.  Also included are links to interviews, articles and where to purchase these recordings.

Listening to music is a huge part of learning it and that is especially true with Irish music. I also tried to vary the list by including solo, duets and others. I also chose not to include too many albums by one artist for variety. I couldn’t include all my preferred choice of albums(but this is most!) so this list is limited but may be amended to include more than 100 in a later edition of this post. This list is in no particular order and of course all these recordings are recommended listening. I hope you get as much enjoyment from this list as I did compiling it.



Michael Coleman (link)1891-1945 Ireland’s most influential traditional musician of the 20th century. Released 1992

Sean Keane

Sean Keane – Gustys Frolics. Released 1975.

The High Part of the Road.

Tommy Peoples– Link(with Paul Brady) – The High Part of the Road. Released 1976.


Frankie Gavin (link)- Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn. Released 1977.


Kevin Burke – Portland.(with Michael O Domhnaill)Released 1982.


Frankie Gavin – Fierce Traditional. Released 2001.

Maeve Donnelly

‘Maeve Donnelly’ – Maeve Donnelly(link) released 2002.

Jig-it -in-Style-Sean-Keane

Sean Keane – Jig it in style. Released 1990.


Paul Bradley (link)-Atlantic Roar. Released 1998. Paul is also a fiddle maker.


Vincent Griffin – Traditional music from county Clare. Released 1977.

Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke (link)- Promenade. Released 1979.

michael queally

Mick Queally – The Trip over the Mountain. With Cyril O Donoghue.

Hughie -Gillespie

Hugh Gillespie – Classic recordings of Irish Traditional Music. Released 1992.

James Morrison

James Morrison (link)- The Pure Genius of James Morrison. Released 1991.


Michael Coleman (link)- The Enduring Magic. Released 2004


Paddy Killoran(article) – Paddy Killoran goes to town. Released 1977.


John Doherty– (link)The Floating Bow. Released 1996.


Paddy Glackin – (link) In Full Spate. Released 1991.

Kevin Burke

If the Cap Fits – Kevin Burke. Released 1978.



Sean Maguire (link)- Man of Achievement. Released 1988.

sean maguire

60 years of Sean Maguire, released 1988. Not original album image.


Des Donnelly -Link(Uncle of fiddler Dezi Donnelly)Remember Des Donnelly. Released 2012.


Jim McKillop – The Wind that Shakes the Barley. Released 1976

Brid Harper

Brid Harper – Brid Harper.(link) Released 2015.


Kevin Burke Up Close. Released 1984.


Liz Carroll  (Link) – A Friend Indeed. Released 1979. Reissued 1995.


Seamus Connolly(article) – Here and There. Released 1989.


Matt Crannitch,(link) Eistigh Seal. Released 2009


Sean Keane (link)- ‘Sean Keane’ (Ogham label) Released 1980.


Cathal Hayden (link)- Handed Down. Released 1988.


Frankie Gavin (link)- Frankie goes to Town. Released 1991.


James Kelly (Link)- The Ring Sessions. Released 2003.

Ciaran Tourish

Ciaran Tourish – ‘Down the Line‘ Released 2005.

Tommy Peoples

Tommy Peoples (Link)- Waiting for a Call – Released 2013.

Andy McGann & Paddy Reynolds

Andy McGann (article)& Paddy Reynolds – Traditional Music of Ireland. Released 1976 reissued 1994.


Brendan McGlinchey(article) – Music of a Champion. Released 1974.


Paddy Glackin (Link)- Glackin. Released 1977. Reissued on CD.

Liz Carroll

Liz Carroll – Lost in the Loop. Released 2000. www.lizcarroll.com

Seamus Sands

Across Bridges‘ (link)- Seamus Sands. Released 2015.


Martin Mullvihill (link)- The Flax in Bloom. Released in 1979.


Tommie Potts (link)(Alternative 1st name spelling of Tommy) Traditional Fiddle Music from Dublin. Released 2012 RTE.


Sean Smyth – The Blue Fiddle. Sean Smyth is a member of irish group Lunasa. Released 1993.

An Fidil

‘An Fhidil sraith II’ A fiddle compilation album featuring none other than, Sean Keane, Paddy Glackin, Kevin Burke & Seamus Creagh.


Martin Hayes – Martin Hayes.(link)Released 1992.

Neillidh Boyle

Neillidh Boyle (link)- A Feeling in the Blood. Released 2011.


Bobby Casey (link)- Taking flight, released


Brian Conway (link)- First Through The Gate. Released 2002.


James Kelly-(link) Capel street. Photo not album cover. Released possibly 1986

Ceol An Clair

Ceol An Clair – The Music of Clare. Bobby Casey, Junior Crehan, John Kelly. Patrick Kelly, Joe Ryan.


John Carty & Brian Rooney

Dezi Donnelly

Dezi Donnelly – Familiar Footsteps. Released 1999

Brian Rooney

Brian Rooney(cd Link) – From Leitrim to London. Released 2002

Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith – ‘Jigs & Reels’ Released 2004.


Liz and Yvonne Kane – The Well Tempered Bow. Released 2002.

Tommy Peoples

Tommy Peoples (link)- An Exciting with One of Ireland Leading Traditional Fiddlers. Released C.C.E. 1976.


John Carty – Last Nights Fun.

martin-hayes-the -shores-of -lough-graney

Martin & P.J.Hayes (link)- The Shores of Lough Graney. Released 1990. Reissued 2011.

Liz Carroll

Liz Carroll – Liz Carroll(Green Linnett) Released 1993.

Seamus O Brien

Seamus O Brien – ‘Cairde Cairdin’. Released 2007.


McDara O Raghallaigh -(link) Ego Trip. Released 2011

It's a Hard Road to Travel

Andy McGann(with Paul Brady) – ‘It’s a Hard Road to Travel’. Released 1977.


Oisin mc Diarmada (link)- The Green Branch. Released 2015.


Tola Custy & Cyril O Donoghue Setting free. Released 1994


Claire Egan (link)- Turning Tides. Released 2015.


Martin Byrnes (link)- Released in 1969. Reissued on CD.

Paddy Cronin

Paddy Cronin (link)- Kerry’s Own. Released 1977.


Mary Custy & Eoin O Neill – ‘With a Lot of Help from Their Friends.’


Charlie Lennnon (link) – The Emigrants Suite. Released(no Album cover available)


Oisin McAuley – ‘Far from the Hills of Donegal’. Released 2007. Fiddler player with Irish group – Danu.


Tommy Potts (link)- ‘The Liffey Banks’. Released 1972.


Patrick Mangan (link)- Farewell to Ireland. Released 2003


Josephine Keegan (link)- ‘Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes & Airs’. Released 1980. A formidable fiddle player and tune composer. Accompanied Sean McGuire on a number of his recordings.

Bits n'Pieces.

Donal McCague – ‘Bits & Pieces’. Released 2012


Gerry O Connor -(link) Journeyman. Released 2007


Martin Hayes (link)- Live in Seattle. Released 1999


Kathleen Collins

Kathleen Collins – ‘Traditional Music of Ireland’. Released 1976


Michelle O Brien  (& Laoise Kelly) – (link)The Wishing Well. Released 2015.

Maurice -Lennon-The-little-ones

Maurice Lennon – The Little Ones. released 2013. www.mauricelennon.com

Maire O Keeffe

Maire O Keefe (link)- House Party. Released 1998.


Padraig O Keeffe (link)- Sliabh Luachra Fiddle Master.


Milestone at the Garden buy(link) – Various including Michael Coleman & James Morrison.

An Fhidil Sraith I

‘An Fhidil sraith I’. Various fiddlers including performances by Seamus Glackin, Martin Hayes, Maurice Lennon, Sean Montgomery and Seamus Thompson.


Brian Rooney (link)- The Godfather. Released 1999


Kevin & Seamus Glackin – Northern Lights, released 1988.

Fergal Scahill

Fergal Scahill – ‘The Dusty Bridge’(link), released 2008.

Declan Folan Skin & Bow

Declan Folan – ‘Skin & Bow’. Released 1996

The Road to Glenlough

James Byrne – The Road to Glenlough. Released 1995.

Traditional Fiddle Music from Donegal

The Brass Fiddle(fiddle music from Donegal) Francis Byrne, James Byrne, Vincent Campbell, Con Cassidy. Released

Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke (link)- In Concert. Released 1999.

Seamus & Manus McGuire

Seamus & Manus Maguire – The Humours of Lissadell(Released 1980)

The Apple in Winter

Brian Conway (link)& Tony DeMarco(link) – The Apple in Winter. Released 1980.


Within A Mile of Kitty (link)- Brian Rooney, Charlie Lennon, Ben Lennon. Released 2005.


Denis Murphy (link)- The Star Above the Garter

Ciaran O Maonigh - Ceol A Ghleanna

Ciaran O Maonigh (link)- Ceol A Ghleanna (Music of the Glen) Released 2004.


Mick Conneely (link)- Selkie. Released 2001.


Carousel – Seamus & Manus McGuire. Released 1984.


Randal Bays (link)- The Salmon’s Leap. Released 2000.


Ben Lennon (link)& Friends – ‘The Natural Bridge’.Released 1999.

My Love is in America

My Love is In America‘(link) Various Artists. Released 1991. Featuring performances from Seamus Connolly, Andy McGann, Liz Carroll, Kevin Burke etc.

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