Irish Fiddle Products  ‘A Complete Guide to learning The

Irish Fiddle (with cd accompaniment), ‘Irelands best fiddle

tunes’(110), Absolute beginners(DVD) – The Irish

Fiddle.(featuring Gerry O Connor). Available to purchase here.
 “This book presents in a clear and concise form the
basic building blocks necessary to play Irish fiddle music
in a traditional manner. The student is taken step by step
through carefully graded exercises and pieces which help to
establish good finger and bowing habits and which also
provide useful note patterns essential in tackling more
difficult pieces. ‘ Charlie Lennon


Paul McNevin has written a clear and thorough explanation
of the basic principles of Irish fiddle playing, together
with an excellent selection of tunes – some well-known
session favourites, others more obscure. It should be a
valuable tool for any serious student of traditional music.
” – Sarah McQuaid, Evening Herald

‘A Complete Guide to learning The

Irish Fiddle’ CD featuring Paul McNevin available seperately here.

Available to purchase here.
110 of the most popular and enduring session tunes in Ireland and around the world. Join in wherever you go with this session-friendly collection of fiddle tunes jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, slides, airs and more. Suitable for all melody instruments.

‘110 Ireland’s best fiddle Tunes’. Available to purchase here.

Absolute Beginners DVD also featuring Gerry O Connor.