Irish Fiddle Duet Recordings

Irish Fiddle Duet


Irish fiddle duet recordings add a new dimension to the treasure of recordings of solo Irish fiddle players already available. 2 men who never made a fiddle duet recording together are Micheal Coleman & James Morrison which is a shame. 2 Legendary fiddlers playing around the same time in a fervent scene in New York in the 1920’s. But many other recordings exist of fiddle duets and some have been very special indeed. Nowhere is the harmony of a fiddle duet better demonstrated than with Seamus & Manus McGuire on The Humours of Lissadelland ‘Carousel’ later to expand to become Buttons & Bows with Jackie Daly. The 1st album listed below, ‘ Nothern Lights‘ – Kevin & Seamus Glackin. Has great drive and verve from 2 Dublin fiddlers with a very strong Donegal(North west Ireland) influence. Wooden acoustic instruments when played together will resonate with each other creating a unique sound.


Below a short discography of Fiddle Duet Recordings.



Nothern Lights link Kevin & Seamus Glackin



Carousel‘ (link)a beautiful album with an exquisite selection of tunes, many newly circulating and/or composed at the time. 


‘Carousel & ‘ The Humours of Lissadell’(links) by Seamus & Manus Mc Guire with Daithi Sproule.


‘At Complete Ease(link) John Carty & Brian Rooney.   


John & James Kelly ‘Irish Traditional Fiddle Music’.  No longer commercially available.


‘The Masters Return‘-Link (Frankie Gavin & Malachy Bourke) A Tribute to Paddy Killoran. Ava


Nathan Gourley & Laura Feddersen. Life is All Checkered’ Link.


Martin & P.J. Hayes ‘The Shores of Lough Graney‘ Cassette only, no longer commercially available.



Liz & Yvonne Kane(also the ‘Kane Sisters’). Have recorded  ‘The Well Tempered Bow’ link & ‘Under the Diamond’ link &’ Side by Side’ link. 


Andy McGann & Paddy Reynolds(with Guitarist Paul Brady) – Link.


‘The Apple in Winter’ Brian Conway & Tony deMarco. Available here.




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