30 Tunes – For Irish Fiddle Vol. 3

30 Tunes – Irish Fiddle Vol.3


30 Tunes for Irish Fiddle vol. 3


In this 30 Tunes for Irish Fiddle article I have included many session ‘standards’. Session favorites will vary but many are well known. ‘The Blackthorn Stick’ is a great old sounding tune and composition as is ‘The Scotsman over the Border’. The ‘Hares Paw‘ is another reel that has made a resurgence recently. Get used to playing tunes in different keys. The keys of D and G should be relatively comfortable as should be A major. Look out for tunes with F naturals, more common on the E string(1st finger). You could practice the F scale to improve finger placement and tuning. Then look out for tunes with a B flat note, often in G minor. You will need to get used to these notes if you are to play more fiddle suited tunes.


The Templehouse Download PDF The Templehouse

The Scotsman over the Border PDF The Scotsman over the Border

The Perfect Cure Download PDF The Perfect Cure

The Peeler’s Jacket Download PDF The Peelers Jacket

The Ravelled Hank of Yarn Download PDF The Ravelled Hank of Yarn

The New Policeman Download PDF The New Policeman

The Maids of Ardagh Download PDF The Maids of Ardagh

The Lillies in the Field Download PDF The Lillies in the Field

The Idle Road Download PDF The Idle Road

The Humours of Derrycrossane PDF The Humours of Derrycrossane

The Hare’s Paw Download PDF The Hare’s Paw

The Hag at the Churn Download PDF The Hag at the Churn

The Flowers of Spring Download PDF The Flowers of Spring

The Duke of Leinster Download PDF The Duke of Leinster

The Drops of Brandy Download PDF The Drops of Brandy

The Blackthorn Stick Download PDF The Blackthorn Stick

The Blackhaired Lass Download PDF The Blackhaired Lass

The Bag of Spuds Download PDF The Bag of Spuds

Paddy Taylor’s Download PDF Paddy Taylor’s

Sporting Nell Download PDF Sporting Nell

Lady Ann Montgomery Download PDF Lady Ann Montgomery

Jack Keanes Download PDF Jack Keane’s

Drogheda Bay Download PDF Drogheda Bay

Con Cassidy’s Download PDF Con Cassidy’s

Charlie Harris’s Download PDF Charlie Harris’s

Bill Collin’s Download PDF Bill Collin’s

The Wexford Download PDF The Wexford

Tuamgraney Castle Download PDF Tuamgraney Castle

The Wild Irishman Download PDF The Wild Irishman

When sick is it tea you want? PDF When Sick is it Tea you want

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